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This collection of cartoons and other “bits of wit” has been in progress for over 55 years, starting shortly after I entered the U. S. Air Force and determined if one were to survive among throngs of fighter and bomber crews, one would need a sense of humor.  Much of the collection resulted from combing library files, visiting weather stations and offices, or asking friends and relatives to send me anything they see along this line.  A couple of people allowed me to copy their collections, also.  For this, I thank all my sources.  Most of the cataloging and placing in albums started about 1988 when I first had access to better computers and copy machines.

You’ll notice that the quality of the cartoons in this album is far from uniform. This is mainly due to the irregular sources of them—from under the counter glass at base weather stations to the pages of professional journals.  Many of the newspaper cartoons yellowed with age; some of the poorer quality ones are copies of copies. A few have been “customized” with a particular forecaster, office, or location—whatever applied at the time.

The collection went beyond just cartoons as I found sources of humor in stories, jokes, limericks, and even briefings, so I started collecting and placing these in albums.

I hope you will enjoy the cartoons, jokes, quips, and quotes in these volumes. They are meant to be enjoyed by those who can truly laugh at themselves or even those sick souls who enjoy laughing at the weatherman.

—Robert E. Black

Steve Doty has been kind enough to image the cartoons for me. There more than 2,500 pages so it’s a work in progress.